Saturday, January 4, 2014

Post Christmas Winter Bucket List

The Christmas decorations are boxed up and all the holiday festivities have come and gone. The house feels empty and solemnly blank. Sometimes this time of year can leave us with an emptiness that makes us anxious for spring and warmer weather. I have a feeling that there is still plenty of adventures to be had while the frost is still clinging to the window panes!

Every season, our family creates a "bucket list" of things we would like to do.  We are keeping things relatively simple this year so that we can enjoy it without all the fuss! 

This list is our POST Christmas bucket list, (we have a special one just for holiday fun) to be completed 
between New Years and Spring time:

Colored snow orbs
Chili bar
Toilet paper bird feeders  Frozen Bubbles  Winter Picnic

It's a perfect weekend here in Colorado to start our bucket list as we just got hit with a snowstorm that dumped about 3 inches of powdery white stuff all over the state. As soon as the wind dies down, we are bundling up for some fun in the snow!! I get ca-razy excited about snow storms; especially when everyone is home and safe with no where to go.

We are looking forward to living up the rest of the winter season!

So, bundle up or snuggle up, and enjoy the rest of what winter has to offer!


  1. Have fun today with the boys! Love your bucket list!! Wish I had more time to do one but the girls go back to school tomorrow! :( Love you all!

    1. Wow so soon? We usually do our "fun stuff" on the weekend, as the weeks are so crazy. I'm sure it's even worse with kids in school and all the homework they have!