Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mermaid Tiara DIY

My niece will be celebrating her 7th birthday this weekend, and of course having two boys I always see my nieces birthdays as an opportunity to obsess over girly-ness! I decided to go with a beach/mermaid theme since that is her current bedroom design. While searching for mermaid decor on Etsy, I came across some beautiful mermaid tiaras made from seashells and rhinestones and so decided that it would be easy enough to make one myself. It was fairly easy and I'm happy with the results:

You will need:

Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Sea shells
Glitter paint

To begin, paint the seashells in the glitter paint (I used blue and pink) Then wrap the headband with the ribbon and glue in place. Now you can start gluing on the shells! I started with a large starfish in the middle and just worked my way out from there.

I tried to keep it sort of symmetrical by coordinating the shells on either side. 

It was really a fun project and what seven year old girl wouldn't love an authentic looking mermaid tiara? I know this twenty-eight year old girl would!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine's Day Plans

Something about Valentine's day makes me very giddy and nostalgic. I remember when I was a little girl, my Dad would always give my mother and I flowers every year. Hers was usually a bouquet of fragrant red roses and mine were typically pink carnations. I remember making homemade valentines to give out to family and the class parties back in grade school. I love the concept of the day, a celebrations of Love...so sweet! 

Of course, every holiday is more fun when kids are involved. Last year, I decorated the mantle with felt hearts, candles and little cupids (all of which seem to have disappeared during the move). I bought the boys adorable valentines day pajamas and we ate finger foods in front of the fireplace and had "Cupid Floats" (vanilla ice cream, strawberry soda and heat sprinkles) for dessert. 

While I still search for the elusive Valentines Day decorations, I spruced up the chalk board in Valentines day fashion with lyrics to one of my favorite songs

Valentines Day is on a Friday this year, so of course the pressure is on to create something extra special! I'm really digging the idea of creating a fort in the living room and making s'mores in the fireplace! 

I found this on Pinterest, couldn't find the original source, but it looks like it would be so much fun! Definitely something both the kids and the adults would enjoy!

Here is hoping the kids go to bed at a decent time so the hubs and I can enjoy a romantic evening!