Friday, August 4, 2017

Bathroom Remodel

When we moved into this house four years ago the shower in the master bathroom was basically brand new. Even though it was small, we were fine with it because it was new, clean and had no issues to speak of. Over the past couple of years, the fiber glass began to crack on the shelves and finally on the floor until every time we used it, it would leak water into the basement. It became a necessity to replace our shower and so we find ourselves in the midst of construction. Whenever we do any sort of update to the house we want to make sure that not only it meshes with our style, but that it is high quality and built to last. We have hired a tile contractor since our skills in that department are next to none and we want everything to look professionally done. We demoed the shower ourselves and other than unhealthy amount of white construction dust that covered our entire house as an after effect, the demo was surprisingly easy.

I can't say that I'm the least bit sad to see our old shower go. It was incredibly small and cramped and in the end I always had a fear of falling through the cheaply made fiberglass floor. The size and quality was better suited to a 1990's camper than a house.

Our master bathroom is pretty small, it's evident the first floor has been remodeled and walls have been moved to accommodate previous owners. To make to most of the space that we have, we are extending the shower size by six inches all the way around and tiling up to 7 feet to be level with the door frames (yay for high ceilings!). We are also reversing the swing on both doors which currently open into the bathroom, making entry to the room rather clumsy feeling.

Once the tile and plumbing is complete, we will be hiring a glass contractor to add clear glass doors to make the room feel larger and give it a more modern look. The shape and glass will be similar to this image if everything goes as planned:

We are currently stalled out in attempts to find a plumber that isn't booked out for the next four months. Sharing the upstairs bathroom with two little boys is not ideal, so we are crossing our fingers that someone will return our call soon. Eventually, we would like to also replace our storage lacking pedestal sink with a vanity. I dream of re-purposing an small antique dresser with a bowl type sink into a vanity, but that will be phase two of the project and will happen sometime in the future. In the meantime, I've put together a design board so that we can have a visual of how everything will feel in the room.My husband wanted a modern feel for the room, and I, of course, am envisioning something distressed or antiqued. So in the name of compromise, we've come up with a style that seems to suit us both.

 I've fallen in love with these oil rubbed bronze fixtures, capiz shell light from Potty Barn and towels for anthropologie. Not sure if everything will fit into our budget, but I'm sure suitable substitutes can be found if not.

 I know most popular designers are going for a light and airy feel for kitchens and bathrooms, but I can't help but be perpetually drawn towards black and darker colors. I've agreed to go with a lighter wall color since the room is a bit constricted, but I still have to have my black in the room somewhere.

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